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TeamConnect Ceiling

Take your meetings to the next dimension

The new ceiling array microphone from Sennheiser with automatic beamforming focus for audio- and video-conferencing.


Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling is ideal for mid to large sized meeting rooms.

It uses the latest beamforming technology to automatically focus on the voice of the speaker in a meeting, regardless of his position. 29 individual, omnidirectional microphone capsules guarantee the best speech intelligibility for audio or video conferencing.

The microphone that saves time

The freedom of integration

Virtually invisible integration

TeamConnect Ceiling is a perfect fit for any existing interior design concept or infrastructure. Whether integrated into the ceiling or in a suspended version, the understated design goes well with any decorating style, frees meeting tables of visible cables and keeps maintenance work at a minimum.

Intuitive and user-friendly

The microphone that follows the speaker’s voice automatically

Thanks to the integrating of 29 omni-directional microphone capsules and without prior configuration, TeamConnect Ceiling finds automatically the voice of the current speaker - whether he is sitting, standing, or changing his place. Also ambient noise does not affect the audio quality.

100% compatible and flexible

The microphone that saves time

TeamConnect Ceiling is the most flexible microphone on the market: After one-time installation, there is no need for further maintenance. The connection to videoconferencing systems is made quickly and easily. Meetings can start relaxed - no matter how the meeting rooms are set up or used. The microphone covers modern use cases for multi-purpose usage of rooms.


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